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I love audio books. I’ve been a subscriber to Audible (Amazon’s audiobook behemoth) for many years now, and have hundreds of their books in my personal library. I’m a fan of not only the stories, but also of many narrators there. Among my personal favorite readers are George Guidall and Will Patton….I’ve collected many books by each. But, I’ve also been a bit of an audio book reader (also called an audio book narrator) myself over the years, and just in the past several years have taken my skills to Audible from that side of the fence. I now have several titles available there and elsewhere, and you’re always welcome to check them out, should you be interested.

My titles as Narrator on Audible

The Keystone Kid

Also, there is one other, called Luminescence (by Will Addison). I’m not sure if it’s for sale any longer, but I found some trace information regarding it here.

And, if you’re curious to hear just a bit more style-wise:

In terms of specifics, most independent authors and publishers work with ACX, which is Amazon’s arm that connects authors/publishers with narrators. We can work through them (my profile is here), or as a straight work-for-hire. I am generally not inclined to do work on a purely commission basis, unless there is substantial reason that we’ll see good sales numbers. So, I’m more prone to work on a per-finished-hour (PFH) basis. But, we can talk. 😉

But wait…you thought we were done? Here’s just one more demo, dedicated to one of my favorite roles…that of Children’s Story Narrator:

I have found great delight over the years in reading audio stories for children, which has allowed my voice to be heard once again in different contexts all around the world. In fact, quite a number of years ago, I started a site specifically intended to feature these children’s audio stories. Over time, I merged in the features of some of my other sites for kids, but it’s still the audio stories there (over 25 of them so far!) that draw the most traffic. You might want to set aside some time and visit Light Up Your Brain, especially if you have a younger child in your life who enjoys stories. Parents around the world have contacted me to let me know that their kids love to listen to one of these audio stories during their wind-down time before bed each night. I hope you enjoy them! 😉

Stories For Kids
on Light Up Your Brain