A Career In Voiceovers

Have you considered the possibility of trying to make a living as a voice talent for commercials, cartoons or audiobooks? Do you hear voices on the radio or TV commercials, training videos, on web sites or phone answering systems and think, “I sound better than that!”

Did you realize that many of the voices you hear every day on commercials work from small studios that they have set up in their homes…and that they might send those commercials as email attachments to clients all over the world?

Are you aware that professional voices can make hundreds of dollars per hour for their services, and that many of them do that kind of work part time, spending the remainder of their time in other professions?

But how can you evaluate whether it’s the kind of career where you belong… whether your voice is good enough… whether you have the temperament for it? Where would you start? Who would you talk to? Who makes the hiring decisions in that field? It would be great to be able to talk to someone who does that for a living, wouldn’t it…to ask those kinds of questions?

  • Do you need a degree of some sort to be a voice talent?
  • Can you really make a living doing this?
  • Do I have to join a union?
  • Do I need an agent?

“A Career in Voiceovers” is an short tome written by a professional voice talent with more than 25 years of experience in the field. A veteran who has worked both part-time and full-time in the field, he has written a book crammed with practical advice for evaluating your own talent, the basics of what you need to get started, and practical ideas for networking and promoting your talent in this highly competitive field.

This kind of advice from one who’s “on the inside” is absolutely invaluable in evaluating whether or not this is the career for you. Even if you decide not to do it…you should make that decision based on good, solid, objective information…not just because you didn’t know what to do next or who to talk to. And if you do decide it’s the way to go, you want to get off on the right foot.

Here are the topics covered:

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