Movie Trailer Voice

The movie trailer industry has really changed over the past 20 years. Gone are the days of Don LaFontaine’s “In a world…” delivery…booming, epic, joyous, mysterious and powerful. Now, we’re more likely to see clips from the movie cleverly edited today, as if the clips are able to tell enough of the story to hook you and draw you in. It’s become quite a refined science. So, that business is not what it once was.

On the other hand, with the adventure of indie publishing and even self-publishing, more and more people are looking to employ trailers for smaller films, book trailers, etc. And, of course, business often capitalizes on the tradition of movie trailers with spoofs of various kinds. And TV channels still do a fair amount of promo work, which is akin to movie trailers for the small screen.

I’ve had an opportunity to do some of this work over time, and even rejected a fulltime gig that would have been filled with promo work along these lines. But a long of folks are looking for this trailer/promo style delivery to advertise their products (especially on Kickstarter or web only commercials). And I seem to have both the depth and power that they find to be the right mix for what they are seeking.

Here are some samples for you.