Telephony (On-Hold & Voice Mail) Voice Over

Technology has transformed the world in the past decade, but we are still pretty heavily dependent…and on phone calls, particularly with people with whom we don’t already have a personal relationship. And phone calls, as they scale up, often involve voice mail systems to pre-sort callers to the appropriate department…or on-hold messages, to give folks something to listen to while waiting for someone to hop on the line.

I’ve been recording on-hold messages and voice mail systems for decades…for everyone from individuals, to mom-and-pop shops, to corporations and organizations (like churches).

The basic agreement is that I will provide you a single voice file with no music. That’s your cheapest, quickest option. Some folks are fine right there. Others prefer music in the background. Some prefer the larger session to be cut into individual files, while others are uncomfortable with dealing with files, and need the voice talent to call into their system through a back door and direct record the messages into the system. None of these are a problem. All will require an additional charge.

Allow a voice professional to breathe some life into your company’s message. Contact me if you’re interested.

In the meantime, here’s an on-hold & voice mail voice demo.