Professional Narration

Voice over talents are asked to fill many roles…salesman, role players, guides, fast readers of disclaimers. But one that has been around for a long time and is often skipped over is the voice of the narrator. He’s the steady hand behind the scenes. He knows the score, and he basically lays it out for you…explaining that others have been here before and lived to tell about it, telling the story of how a product or service began as a brief moment of inspiration and grew despite all odds. He’s unflappable. He’s authoritative. He is The Narrator.

I remember, years back, when a CEO said to the person overseeing his media production department: “I like the job this Chuck Brown has done for us. I want him to be the voice of our company.” That’s really stuck with me…the voice of a company. A company need a voice. So they hired me for TV commercials, for corporate image videos and for the voice that greets you and guides you every time you call. All these years later, the company has changed names, and I don’t even know if the same guy is CEO…but I’m still the voice of the company when they need a voice.

Other companies need someone to be the voice of their awards conferences: to introduce those who have achieved greatly and exceeded sales goals the previous year…who have been with the company for 10, 20, 25, 30…even 50 years…who have past from this life and deserve recognition…or who have risen through the ranks to achieve high positions within it…to roast a popular employee upon retirement.

That’s the idea behind narration. And here’s a sample of some of the many types of work I’ve done over the years.