Character Voices

With the explosion in independent media and publishing options in recent years, character voices have become highly in-demand. Did you realize that the video game industry now deals in much bigger dollars than Hollywood? The creation of those properties, along with those from indie producers aspiring to gain some notoriety in the field, have created a serious intensity worldwide. I’ve had the opportunity to play a part in bringing to life a number of characters in video games over the years…though my contribution is usually so early in the process that I rarely get to see the end result. Unfortunately, I’ve also done a poor job of tracking them. Often due to the way I’m hired, I don’t even know the name of the company or the game…I’m just asked to play a role. So while I’ve participated in dozens of such projects, I don’t have a credits list.

Also, characters play a part in commercials, in spoofs, in various forms of animation (I haven’t done too many cartoon voices…just a few) like vignettes for training videos, and in audio dramas of various kinds.

So, I’ve created a nice long demo display a number of voices I can bring to life for any of those purposes. Enjoy the deep dive! 😉

In addition to characters of all sorts, another need for many games is the role of narrator or host. It may be in military theme, the thoughts of the story’s protagonist, or a fantasy voice…a la Gandalf. Here are two more demos…the first more general and the second featuring the more British wizard/king delivery: