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Let’s keep it simple: My name is Chuck Brown. For many years now, I’ve been a professional voice talent and voice over artist. The bulk of my voiceover work these days is corporate sales and training and eLearning presentations, along with commercials, telephony services (on-hold, IVR, voice mail) and the occasional audio book…but I can do almost anything voice-related when pressed into service (even schoolbus safety audio warnings heard thousands of times each weekday). That’s it…end of commercial! 😉

My Voiceover Demos

However, if you’d like to go a little deeper…here are my various voiceover demos, to give you a feel for whether I might be a fit for your project:


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Why Training and Learning?

While a TON of training has shifted online in recent years, much of the focus seems to be on keeping the lawyers happy (every t crossed and i dotted…and repeated ad nauseum), not much effort seems to go into making sure the content is being well-absorbed by the learners. What I have found over the years (and have had confirmed repeatedly by my clients) is that there’s a big difference between just reading the words and actually having the words be heard, ingested and understood by the intended audience. People continue to be amazed that I am able to manage concepts and terminology in a way that it can be properly absorbed by the recipient of e-learning efforts.

So…if you need my services, Contact me!

But wait…there’s more!

Additional Relevant Details and Answers to Common Questions

  • Yes, I’m always willing to read part of your script for free as a custom demo. Just use the Contact page to get in touch! (more Freqently Asked Questions here)
  • I have a home studio that allows me great flexibility in meeting schedules and budgets. The vast majority of my voiceover work is performed there. I do also have access to dedicated recording facilities with ISDN, when needed. However, that requires a bit more scheduling and a higher cost.
  • Most of my voicework is delivered through a download link in MP3 (128kbps mono) or WAV format. While the standard format for delivery is one large file, I can cut it down into individual files as needed…though, there is always a charge for this time-consuming service.
  • While I don’t guarantee delivery in less than 72 hours, the vast majority of my work is delivered within 24 hours. If time is a major factor in your decision-making, feel free to ask if I could deliver within a shorter timeframe (at times, this may involve additional cost).
  • I generally do not provide post-production services (for example, library music or sound effects). You are hiring my voice, which is what I do best. Others will gladly handle music and effects for you.
  • Decades of experience…*really*? Yep…and still busy doin’ it every day for companies all around the world. Check out a partial list of my clients, in text list or logo graphic format.  More on this here. Read more about how I ended up in the voiceover field, and comments from clients, followed by even more recent client feedback. Finally, here are some examples of my work you can check out online.