Client Comments

I haven’t made it a practice to keep track of client comments. But after starting this web site (nearly 20 years into my voiceover career), it seemed like I should probably clip a few out of emails from time to time:

“I often see high quality works as a part of my profession, but it’s very rare when something leaves such a stunning impression as this voice actor’s work did. The tone, the emphasis and everything else is just perfect. He is an exceptionally talented professional. Response time in completing the project was excellent. I have no reservations in recommending him highly and we will surely choose him again. Thank you!”

“Hey Chuck it’s exceptional just like everything else you always do for me. Thank you very much!”

“Overall, the read sounds great. Chuck has a knack for making the material sound much better than it is.”

“It’s been great to work with you all these years. I really appreciate your contributions to bringing our projects to life.  We couldn’t do these without you.  You are a true professional.”

“My client loved your voiceover, so well done for doing the sample with their script, that definitely clinched the deal. You did a great job and thank you for doing it so fast for me.”

“Awesome job Chuck… it’s perfect. You are the man. You have such great control… you can tweak things with such great precision, just as I had imagined in my mind… and such quick service was a great surprise!!!”

“…I agree with you Chris, I reckon Chuck Brown has done a brilliant job with the voice over. He’s strong, severe and very believable!”

“…everyone loves your work!”

“…they love the promo you did… Eddie Money, Rick Derringer, and Michael Bolton… they all dug it.”

“WOW! The voice over guy is truly the key to excellent training. What a fine, concise piece. Congratulations!”

“You have a wonderful way of delivering. Such talent. I’ve never heard such clarity and authority and distinctiveness (as) in your delivery. And we also appreciate your promptness in getting back to us, and producing that…”

“I think this will be perfect.  You are very good at what you do…”

“thanks. you are a life saver. In all my years I have never had anyone respond as quick as you nor be as flexible. You’re great.”

“Wow! That was beautiful. You are VERY good!”

“Thanks Chuck! You nailed this VO. It really made this project better!”

“I realized the bad shape of the script when I received it at 4pm my time, but it was already too late then ..Wish I only would have the pleasure to work with professionals like you Chuck. Thanks so much for the superquick delivery…”

“HOME RUN! you nailed it. absolutely perfect!”

“You are the best !!!”

“Very good. I’m impressed again.”

“Perfect. Thanks as always Chuck for the very fast turnaround a great product!”

“Thank you so much!  You are so easy to work with.”

An-n-n-n-nd, who are these folks who are making these wonderful comments? Take a gander at this visual guide to my clients.