A Deep & Deeper Male Voice Over

It’s fair to say that use of deep voices and even deeper voices has generally fallen into disfavor in recent years for much of commercial advertising (except spoofs). However, there are still times where it can really work for you. Movie trailers (to the extent that they even exist anymore…most are just made up of movie clips, sound effects and a music track), romance and certain characters can still make good use of depth (whether purely natural or somewhat focused…and occasionally even forced).

Lucky me…I have a voice range that is naturally fairly deep. And I’ve found in the last few years that people are starting to lean back that way again.

For the sake of description, I’ve broken down my personal capabilities into three categories:


Basically, this is just a very resonant delivery…with the intent of communicating power and authority.

II. DEEP VOICE (with grit)

Grit is a way of describing somewhat of a rock ‘n’ roll edge to the delivery. Communicates more energy…and a bit of anger/rebelliousness.

III. DEEPER VOICE (with bad intent)

Bad intent has a thriller/horror quality to it, though it can also travel well into other areas of advertising and communication.

One more thing to keep in mind with deeper deliveries is this: They take a lot more time and require a lot more breath support than your standard read. So, whatever your desired length, you can’t stuff them full of a lot of words, as would a used car dealer or a discount furniture warehouse. Allow the resounding voice time to communicate, to enunciate with clarity and for the tone to ring out.

So, by way of example, here’s a minute-long deep male voiceover demo I’ve put together showing the differences between the three. If you hear something there that you like, get in touch with me and let’s see what kind of deeper magic we can whip up! 😉