10: Final Thoughts On A Career In Voiceovers

Like any other job, voiceover work is just that…work!

You have to be prompt, attentive, accountable, flexible, responsible. It’s your job to provide value to your client as transparently as possible.

Understand ahead of time that your client is often subject to the creative whims of their clients. This means that you may be called back to do additional work on the same project again and again. As long as you can bill something for the repeat sessions, this a good thing…not a reason to get frustrated.

Working in a creative field involves a lot of egos. Your job is to make sure yours is not one of those. You are being very well compensated for your time. Make sure you don’t become an extra headache for the person who hired you.

All that being said, a career in voiceovers can be a great full-time or part-time gig. The pay is good. Many of the clients and projects can be interesting and fun.

Learn all you can about the job you’re expected to perform. Keep your tools sharp and make the process enjoyable for your clients!

Have fun!