Voice Over Demos In Video Format

Just in case you’d prefer to check out my Voice Over demos in video format rather than just audio, your prayers are answered right here. 😉

But wait…there’s more!

Additional Relevant Details and Answers to Common Questions

  • Yes, I’m always willing to read part of your script for free as a custom demo. Just use the Contact page to get in touch! (more Freqently Asked Questions here)
  • I have a home studio that allows me great flexibility in meeting schedules and budgets. The vast majority of my work is performed there. I do also have access to dedicated recording facilities with ISDN, when needed. However, that requires a bit more scheduling and a higher cost.
  • Most of my work is delivered electronically in MP3 (128kbps mono) or WAV format. While the standard format for delivery is one large file, I can cut it down into individual files as needed…though there is always a charge for this time-consuming service.
  • While I don’t guarantee delivery in less than 72 hours, the vast majority of my work is delivered within 24 hours. If time is a major factor in your decision-making, feel free to ask if I could deliver within a shorter timeframe (at times, this may involved additional cost).
  • I generally do not provide post-production services (for example, library music or sound effects). You are hiring my voice, which is what I do best. Others will gladly handle music and effects for you.
  • Decades of experience…REALLY? Yep…and still busy doin’ it every day for companies all around the world (a few of my clients). Read more about how I ended up in the voiceover field, and some comments from clients.